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“Constant Innovation, Self-improvement,

Customer Satisfaction”




Facing the future challenges and opportunities, Jiake will always adhere to the tenet of “Constant Innovation, Self-improvement, Customer Satisfaction” and provide customers with ideal products and service relying on its professional technologies, innovative R&D, perfect sales network and good service level.

Guangdong Jiake Ventilator Co., Ltd.

(formerly known as Nanhai Shatou Ventilation Appliances Factory)


Guangdong Jiake Ventilator Co., Ltd. (Jiake for short), China’s first innovation-oriented rail air-conditioning fan manufacturer founded in 1984, is mainly engaged in the design, R&D and manufacture of various air-conditioning fans. After years of rapid development and market accumulation, Jiake has developed into a modern business with many AMADA laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, shearing machines, bending machines, mold machining centers, advanced aerodynamic testing laboratories, etc. First-class production and testing methods and a sound management system have won customers’ wide praise for Jiake!

FROM 1984

Jiake mainly produces rail air-conditioning fans and industrial fans.


DF and KT series rail air-conditioning fans, characterized by low noise, high efficiency, smooth running, long life, etc, are mainly used in the cabs, generator locomotives, postal trains, carriages with hard seats, hard sleepers, soft sleepers, dining carriages, luggage carriages, etc. Since 1990s, China’s subway, local light rail, inter-city light rail and other new form transportation have developed rapidly. Jiake has successfully developed a series of ultra-thin fans with small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and world-advanced performance and technology, meeting China light rail’s needs.


Company Profile

Jiake’s DF and KT series of air-conditioning fans have been applied to all China’s rail arteries and light rail lines widely and reliably. Jiake has become China’s largest rail air-conditioning fan supplier.

Company Spirit


Jiake always implements strict, standard and scientific management and has been certified to ISO9001:2000. After over 20 years of development, Jiake has cultivated a number of high-quality R&D and management personnel in various fans. It boasts its powerful technical force, CAD aided design system, short development cycle and quick development and manufacture strength. Its products, relying on their high technical content, high quality and high popularity, sell well both at home and abroad.

In terms of industrial fans 


Jiake’s DZ, JD, JKD, DG and 4-72 series are widely used in central air conditioners, factories, warehouses, hotels, drying (cooling) areas, plant greenhouses, underground parking and other fields and are ideal choice for air transportation, smoke abatement and dust discharge, and air-conditioning equipment.